Why is Nicotine free E Cig Better than the Nicotine Containing One

E Cig is a healthy alternative to traditional cigarette because it does not contain chemicals, many of which being carcinogenic. Over time, an E Cig can help hardcore smokers to reduce the dose of nicotine they consume daily. In addition, people can try nicotine free electronic cigarettes, which are less harmful to the human body. There can be found several types of E Cig liquids in the market with different concentrations of nicotine. Thus, there are liquids with zero nicotine concentration, ideal for those who want to quit smoking. The goal of many smokers is to get to smoke a Nicotine free E Cig and have a healthier live.

Nicotine is dangerous

Nicotine is a colorless liquid when extracted from tobacco leaves, but in contact with air and light it colors in brown. It has a bitter and irritating taste and the smell is weak at cold and suffocating at heat. For a long time it was thought that nicotine is the most toxic active agent in tobacco and it really is a very strong poison. A dose of 5 mg of nicotine is enough to kill a dog in a few minutes by motor nerve palsy, and one of 60 mg (the amount in about 30-40 cigarettes) has the same consequences on a human being. It isn’t a carcinogen product, but it can have adverse effects if consumed in excess. Nicotine itself is a toxic, even if it has wide applications in medicine.
One of the great things about the E Cig industry is the variety. People can choose from a wide range of models and liquid which are found on different strengths of nicotine and even without nicotine. Most E Cig companies are selling with four nicotine levels: high, medium, low and free, this last option being the safest one.

Same habits, healthier smoking

Nicotine is addictive and, when body get’s used to it, can be very hard to quit. Because of this, many people could look with skepticism the idea of having an E Cig without nicotine. But there are undeniable advantages in this case. The idea underlying the design of liquids without nicotine is that they are used to satisfy certain habits that smokers form over time. One of the most common is smoking a cigarette at the morning coffee. Most smokers have this habit and most do not conceive the idea to drink their morning coffee without a cigarette near.

Another habit is to smoke a cigarette after each meal. For many smokers, lunch or dinner no matter how good it is, must end up with a cigarette. Also, light a cigarette on their way home after a busy day at work is a habit which relaxes them. It has become as natural as breathing for some smokers. Therefore, if a smoker managed to escape from nicotine addiction and wants to retain these habits, it is good to have an E Cig without nicotine. Thus, people can meet all their habits without endangering their health.


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