Why Should Chain Smokers Switch to Electronic Cigars

Electronic cigars in comparison to the traditional tobacco cigars contain a very little amount of nicotine, and some of them are even free of nicotine. Nicotine stops the flow of the highly essential hormone insulin, which increases the flow of sugar in a person’s blood making them hyperglermic .Chain smokers have high risk of being transmitted by tobacco related disease such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, tuberculosis, hypertension etc. Smoking also lowers the performance rate, drains the energy level. Every year, four million people die of smoking-related diseases. This is an average of one death every eight seconds.


Normal tobacco cigarettes have over 4,000 harmful poisons that are not found in electronic cigars. A preferable alternative is making a transition to electronic cigars.  Electronic cigars taste the same as a regular cigar but contain much less chemical components of a regular tobacco cigar. They do not contain cancer causing carcinogens and exhale the eLiquid in the form of vapour which gives no harm to the body. The amount of nicotine can be chosen by the user which can be kept as low as possible.

Each year, millions of people try to quit smoking with less than ten percent succeeding on their first try therefore electronic cigars are declared pharmaceutical products by states such as Austria and are sold as medicine. They are used as a nicotine replacement therapy to lower the amount of nicotine day by day till a person is free from fixation and have proven to be more effective than nicotine patches and gum.

Moreover, electronic cigars are environmental friendly. Electronic cigars produce no smoke, only a harmless vapour, and there is no need for ashtrays as no ash is produced. There is also less litter as there is no cigarette butt end to dispose off.

Affordability and durability:

In these economic times the cost of smoking traditional cigarettes is becoming more prohibitive each year. A normal pack of 20 cigarettes costs between 4.50 to 6.00 .A single cartridges of a good brand of electronic cigars is equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes but only a 1/5 of the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes. While although electronic cigars may have a high initial cost but in the long run only the cost of refill cartridges has to be met thus electronic cigars are a more affordable option.


Electronic cigarettes come in various flavours to meet different tastes and preferences of the consumers including Tobacco, Chocolate, Coffee, Apple, Cherry, and Mint in various strengths of nicotine as well as zero nicotine cartridges.

For several chain smokers who are at risk of suffering from deadly diseases may transition to electronic cigarettes in order to save their lives and improve their lifestyle. It is truly a healthier alternative.

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