Why Tobacco Kills

Tobacco is the most destructive and harmful threat to human life and health. If a sudden stop is not done in the intake of tobacco this would cause serious problems. The harm provided by it is already unforgiveable. The biggest source of tobacco intake is the use of traditional cigarettes or smoking. The use of tobacco kills approximately six million people every year, of which five million are those who take-in tobacco at regularly basis and the rest are those non smokers who get exposed to it by other smokers around them. This show how harmful tobacco is, not only for the direct consumers but for those as well who live around chain smokers. This is called second-hand exposure to smoke when released in the form of smoke released by the burning of tobacco in cigarettes. Every person has an equal right to breathe smoke-free air and they should not be deprived with this basic right. The smokers who are aware of the harmful effects of the use of tobacco they try hard to quit smoking and seek help in this issue. Tobacco is the most injurious drug for health, there is no other drug which does that much harm to human health and life as does the tobacco. Tobacco is the most lethal plant of all the plants on earth. And the person becomes vulnerable to deadly diseases such a lungs cancer, heart diseases and breathing problems and cough. In this regard Vapor king Rebel has proved to be helpful in eliminating these threats to human life. Vapor King Rebel is a removable and rechargeable battery it also consists of replaceable atomizer heads. This rebel kit consists of the things which are; rebel battery tube consisting of battery cap, rebel atomizer heads and cone, vapor king liquid, Rebel rubber tank seals, and rebel gift box with instructions etc. Vapor king Rebel battery is not a usual AAA battery which is easily available in shops; this battery is the lithium-ion cells which are rechargeable in nature. The major advantage of Vapor king Rebel is that it consists of battery covering that is detached from the actual battery. This feature of Vapor king Rebel is very convenient to use and allows the consumer savings when the factor of replacing battery comes. The user just has to scratch the outside of the battery and if he prefers a new look he can simply go for new battery and new casing. The manufacturers of Vapor king Rebel have made it in such a way that its battery and housing both are separate, so the user just has to replace one thing that requires replacement, not both of them. The atomizer of these modern electronic cigarettes comes in black or stainless steel. Atomizer heads will be required in the use of this product. The Vapor King Rebel offers these heads in five packs, and its cartridges consist of e-tank technology which stores the liquid nicotine in a sealed tank reservoir. Vapor king Rebel is a complete safe and unique package which could be used with convenience and gives a satisfying experience to the consumers.

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